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Coolant chiller (Gcc 750/Gcc 1500)

Water-soluble metal working fluid temperature control for metal cutting and grinding applications.


Coolant fluid temperature is controlled to ± 1 ℃ of the temperature setting, Helping to increase the accuracy of your production.


Reduced the bacteria production means less decomposition and fewer foul odors thus improving your working environment.

Coolant chiller (Gcc 750/Gcc 1500)
Coolant chiller

A shallow tank means extra equipment needed:

  • Separate tank
  • Circulation pump
  • Natural drop piping

Item / Model GCC 750 GCC 1500
Cooling capacity *1 2.5kW 4.65kw
Ambient temp.range
Fluid temp.range
Temp.control accuracy *1 *4
Set temp .±℃
Power Source
1 Phase 230V@50Hz
Power Consumption *1 1.3kW 2.1kW
Temperature control method
Digital electronic temperature control system
Mass 70kg 85kg