Product Details

Coolant chiller (Gcc 750/Gcc 1500)

Water-soluble metal working fluid temperature control for metal cutting and grinding applications.


Coolant fluid temperature is controlled to ± 1 ℃ of the temperature setting, Helping to increase the accuracy of your production.


Reduced the bacteria production means less decomposition and fewer foul odors thus improving your working environment.

    A shallow tank means extra equipment needed :
  • Separate tank.
  • Circulation pump.
  • Natural drop piping.
Item / Model GCC 750 GCC 1500
Cooling capacity *1 2.5kW 4.65kw
Ambient temp.range
Fluid temp.range
Temp.control accuracy *1 *4
Set temp .±℃
Power Source
1 Phase 230V@50Hz
Power Consumption *1 1.3kW 2.1kW
Temperature control method
Digital electronic temperature control system
Mass 70kg 85kg