About Our Company

The Manufacturing Plant at India Partnering with Gem Equipments Private Limited, a Pioneer in Compressed Air Dryers & Cooling Towers in India, is their 6th manufacturing plant.

Gem Orion Machinery Private Limited is making Industrial Chillers

for DM Water, Pure Water, Water + Ethylene Glycol solution & Water soluble coolant as per Orion Design & under the technological guidance from Orion, Japan. The company focuses on Indian Market, Market in Neighbouring Countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka etc, Middle East Countries & African Countries. Initially the focus will be on Indian market.

Gem Orion will be making chillers for various applications viz., Plastics, Machine tools, Medical, Electroplating,Textiles, Automotive Industry etc. Having a wide range of products in the portfolio


  • Japanese Design Ensures High Reliability
  • Over 200,000 units shipped
  • Bullt-in-water Tank and Pump
  • Temperature control accuracy to +1.0 to -1.0 degrees Celsius
  • Compact design makes replacement a snapl

An Indo-Japanese Joint Venture Company for manufacture of Industrial Chillers with Japanese Quality in India. 70years of Orion’s Global experience, Quality leadership & 30 years of Customers’ trust on GEM in India together form this entity “GEM ORION MACHINERY PRIVATE LIMITED”.

We specialize in Design, Manufacture of Precision Industrial Chillers & Cyclic Industrial Chillers for Pure Water, DM Water cooling (DM Water + Ethylene Glycol mixture can also be used). We also produce Chillers / Coolers for Water Soluble coolants

We at Gem Orion aimed at Customer delight with maximizing Value for Money spent by the Customer through Optimum solutions by products & services provision. We continue to enhance Customers’ trust on our Technology & Solutions we provide

The water tank and pump are built in, so you don't have to deal with troublesome wiring or piping.